We don’t just map out trails or hand over a strategy.

Our job is to make impactful connections between people and place, creating a vibrant and sustainable culture.

We strategically build up the positive ripple effect of outdoor recreation.

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Our Services

We can help your community change its brand and create excitement in your community. These efforts can help your community attract new jobs and residents, engage all levels of your citizenry and make your community a better, more fulfilling place to live.


Outdoor Place Activation

One of the key components of an active outdoor community is of course having great places to ride, paddle, climb and hike. But unlike 30 years ago, these opportunities can’t be 2 hours away from home in a National Forest or State Park. For people to create a real active lifestyle for themselves they have to be able to get out daily and do the things they love to do using high quality facilities made for the pursuits they love.

  • Outdoor Assessment/Resource Inventory 

  • Innovative Outdoor Parks and Spaces

  • Water Trail and River Access development

  • Trail and Bike Park Feasibility and Planning

  • Outdoor Recreation Master Planning

People Activation

Communities across the country are investing in outdoor recreation and active lifestyle infrastructure to enhance quality of place, drive economic development, and improve quality of life. While infrastructure is a key element in the equation, it needs an intentional activation strategy, necessary to maximizing the investment and reaching the full impact potential.  Active Strategies has extensive experience in creating strategic initiatives that can get people active and out on the street. Activation efforts can range from outdoor adventure events, to competitions and skill building program progressions that can help your community build their own active lifestyles. These are key to leveraging community investment and developing the culture that can drive a new brand identity.

  • Strategic Program Development

  • Event Development, Management, Promotion, and Logistics 

  • Outreach and Engagement Support

Destination Development

If you think about it, what we are trying to do is make the place or community in question a great place to be every day. But whether the subject is a community, downtown, park or destination business, the brand that is projected, and how it is marketed is critical to how people perceive it and how successful it is. But it also has to be real…so we focus on doing the hard work of ideation, planning, relationship building and create a brand based on real assets that people can understand, embrace and get excited about. 

  • Gateway and Trail Town Development and Programs

  • Tourism & Economic Impact

  • Unique community development and econ impact approach

Branding & Development

Developing an impactful outdoor initiative that is unique is an essential element to creating an authentic outdoor place and brand. Creating that relevant culture that feels right to local residents and leaders, but also attracts new residents and visitors is key to moving forward and gaining return of outdoor recreation investments made. Outdoor recreation and active living provide visual colorful images that can enhance your branding efforts. After all your community's culture is its brand... like it or not! How you go about shaping it is in fact an act of branding.

Organizational Transformation

It takes great ideas implemented by well-conceived organizational and strategic plans to build a world-class community or destination place. Active Strategies believes that context-based planning is the key to building a strategy that is achievable. It’s not enough to have the plan, the right people need to be in the right places. Good relationships and good plans go together. Creating an organization structure that can sustain the quality implementation of a  long-term plan is the key to moving forward with any initiative, outdoor recreation or not. 

Strategic Planning for Outdoor Non-Profit’s 

Repositioning and revitalizing a small business, organization, market position, brand or community is a significant undertaking that requires substantial engagement and work within the organization, community, and/or industry in order to succeed. A strategic planning initiative requires the organization to take a hard look at its past and current market role, current and future organizational capability and capacity, and most importantly the viability of present and future market and revenue models. To be clear, these efforts sometimes require market repositioning and organizational renewal and are rarely just a new strategic plan for the organization. 

Grow Community Collaboration and Vibrancy

Market research provides Active Strategies, and in turn its clients, with the understanding and insight to the outdoor recreation and active living network and context in the local market. Developing this understanding of the current outdoor environment is incredibly important to making informed decisions when formulating strategies and tactics with a community or region. Active Strategies can provide a range of market-based research services including:

  •  The Local Outdoor Market and Network Assessment and Analysis

  •  Outdoor Industry Analysis and Economic Impact

  •  Market understanding through stakeholder engagement and surveying, polls and usage tracking data analysis