Our Approach

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We don’t just map out trails or hand over a strategy.

Our job is to make impactful connections between people and place, creating a vibrant and sustainable culture.

We strategically build up the positive catalytic effect of outdoor recreation.

No matter where you are in your movement we can facilitate you through the entire process or plug into a specific phase based on your needs and where your community or organization is in creating a more vibrant outdoor culture. 


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Creating a data-based strategy

The only way to develop a great strategy is with clear data to show the path.
We quantify the ‘why,’ putting systems and processes in place so you can create your return on investment.

How do we conduct research?

Our integrated process looks for links between land conservation, outdoor recreation, transportation, community connectivity, economic development, active and hospitality commerce, and other social and community elements.

Our toolbox

  • Surveys

  • Focus groups

  • Data analytics

  • Interviews with leadership and team members

  • Historical data mining

  • and more

The end result

The strategy is built on a strong foundation and is benchmarked to ensure impact and your return on investment.

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Bringing people together

A trail is no good if no one is on it. A great strategy falls flat if no one buys into it.
Our process empowers teams and communities to take ownership of initiatives and activate themselves, creating momentum that will continue long after we are done.

How do we activate?

Activation provides awareness, creates excitement, builds momentum, and fosters the engagement necessary to support a significant outdoor project or initiative.

Strategies we have implemented:

  • Promoting the creation of high-quality physical access like trails, greenways, whitewater parks, and more

  • Developing destination quality events and festivals that bring community members and organizations, businesses, and visitors together to create excitement and visibility for what an active, outdoor community is all about

  • Engaging the community and activating local evangelists through marketing and education that creates awareness and action

  • Educating and empowering the community to the world of outdoor recreation through skills development and other learning opportunities to build their own active lifestyle

  • Using outdoor assets and excitement to build the outdoor economy through active commerce, gear design and manufacturing, and supporting workforce development

The end result

Your team or community stays engaged throughout the whole process, increasing your community's ROI and making a broader impact.

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Empower your community to tell their story

Our goal is for the community or organization to gain a fresh perspective and be armed with a solid brand identity to rally around, take pride in, and benefit from.

How do we do develop brands?

We create strong branding, narratives, and promotional materials so you can tell the story and make sure people are outside and having fun. 

  • Promotional materials

  • Visual branding

  • Merchandising design to help promote the brand

  • Effective and repeatable key stories to tell

  • Training the team and community on how to best promote the new strategy and trails

The end result

Boost tourism, retain and recruit creative businesses and workforce, and improve your quality of place with your enhanced brand.