Strategic Renewal


As American Trails approached their 30 year anniversary, they wanted to renew their strategy and positioning as a central industry leader in order to better impact the trails industry as a whole.

American Trails wanted to enter its next era from a position of strength and vibrancy.


The goal of the project was to revitalize American Trails’ position as a high impact leader of the national trails community and industry, enhance its vitality, and establish a vibrant and sustainable market strategy.


In this multi-year project, the process required the organization to take a hard look at its past and current industry role, current and future organizational capability and capacity, and the viability of present and future market and funding models.

At Active Strategies, we developed a cohesive plan to properly capture all the necessary data in order to deliver a well-researched and highly detailed repositioning strategy.


This included

  • Benchmarks analysis to provide a strong foundation

  • Industry market needs and network analysis to truly understand where and how American Trails is currently positioned

  • Constituent and stakeholder outreach and advocacy to capture data and engagement from multiple touch points within the organization

  • Branding work to ensure consistent and effective communication during the plan’s implementation



We identified how to deepen their relationship with their current market, what new markets and products they should pursue, and took a hard look at their current funding models.

We helped American Trails see where they needed to go to make a bigger impact on the world.