Active Strategies for
Vibrant Livable Communities

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Promoting the development of vibrant active communities and organizations by helping them harness the catalytic power of outdoor recreation.

How do you start to build an active community?

  • We meet you where you are, whether you are a well-established organization or a community exploring outdoor recreation strategies for the first time.

How can outdoor recreation help your community?

  • Outdoor recreation culture creates a vibrancy that can engage your residents, attract outdoor tourism, and boost your brand and image.

How do you determine a return on investment for outdoor recreation development?

  • Understand the measurable impact of the work by putting systems and processes in place to capture impact data before, during, and after the project. 


Our Work

Through our work we have seen the impact that an active culture can have on a community. The emergence of an active community culture can be a catalyst for the related growth of tourism, the outdoor economy, including small business growth and peripheral active commerce like craft breweries, music and visual arts.


Transforming a fast growing suburb into a destination through trail development, branding, and community engagement.


Repositioning a nationwide organization to propel them into the next 30 years of trails advocacy and development


Bringing together important stakeholders of St Louis, MO to kickstart a conversation on how to better position the city as a great place to live, work, and play.


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