Building momentum


3 organizations, including Active Strategies, joined forces to produce a summit. The mission was to enhance the quality of life and economy of St Louis, MO.


The event’s aim was to explore new ways to create excitement, invite collaboration, and engender positive action in the St Louis community for the development of sustainable outdoor initiatives in the region.

Harnessing St Louis’ natural and cultural assets through a collaborative process would allow the city to better position itself as a desirable place to live, work, and play.


Active Strategies collaborated with Terrain Magazine and Big Muddy Adventures to plan, develop, and produce the event.

We invited regional thought leaders, business owners, non-profit leaders, volunteers, and government officials to add their unique views to the table, creating a strong foundation of community action for outdoor recreation.

This included

  • Event structure and planning

  • Outreach to engage key stakeholders for workshops

  • Promotion and marketing to activate the public and capture registrants

  • Event product and operations



We sold out the event and had to close pre-registration, successfully activating more people in the community to join in the collaborative discussion and workshops.

The reaction to the event was enthusiastic, with the attendees leaving energized and armed with strategies and knowledge on how to continue advocating for the development of strategic outdoor recreation initiatives.

We are still seeing the positive ripple effects of the summit.