You know a truly active culture when you see one.


We’ve all visited that town that when you arrive, you immediately want to get out of the car and engage in the scene.
Where people are out on the street or trail being healthy and active. These are the places where the outdoors, people, and ideas intersect and grow.


Active cultures are the foundation of great places to live, work, and play.

But creating that vibrant culture is no easy task.

  • How do you begin to build an active culture?

  • How do you tell your story to the rest of the world?

  • How will you sustain and grow the initiative? 


Our job is to invigorate the crucial and unique connections between a place, people, and the economy through measurable outdoor recreation strategies that activate.

 At Active Strategies, we have seen the positive effect quality outdoor recreation can have on a community: generating tourism, boosting the economy, promoting a more active and fun lifestyle, and making a town a desirable place to live and work. 

 With a process heavily based in research-informed planning and outreach, our strategies integrate into existing structures to provide the spark needed for a community or organization to find lasting and impactful growth.

 When people have the opportunity to rediscover the beauty of their own space, a sense of pride blossoms.

And that’s how cultures are positively changed.

In fact, culture-building is what drives us every day


We work alongsidE

organizations who are the linchpins of the outdoor recreation space, helping them pivot and grow.

By asking the right questions and getting people excited and engaged, we are helping American Trails see where they need to focus their energies to make a bigger impact on the world.

It was more than strategic planning- it was strategic renewal.

The only way to do that is with very clear data to show the path.


We engage communities

to develop outdoor access, branding, and integration of active lifestyles for continued growth long after we are done.

We worked with Eureka, MO in creating outdoor recreation initiatives to begin shifting them from a growing suburb into to a destination.

Now they are seeing more activity on the streets and local shops are thriving as residents pick up mountain biking for the first time.


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Greg Brumitt
Principal & Founder

As a professional with 30 years of leadership experience in the communications technology, destination tourism, outdoor recreation, and community livability industries, Greg’s expertise is centered at the intersection of community livability, organization strategy, branding, and business innovation.

He has extensive experience working in both private and public sector markets, developing successful strategic initiatives and the brands and organizations that support them.

Notable projects:

  • Founded and led Dayton’s outdoor lifestyle initiative, Five Rivers Outdoors, that led to Dayton’s emerging reputation as an outdoor town.

  • Served as the Director of Business Development for the Nantahala Outdoor Center in Asheville, NC.

  • Founded and ran the Asheville Mountain Center whose programs included the Bank of American Whitewater Kid’s Club and the Mountain Sports Festival, now in its 17th year.

 His work today focuses on a wide range of quality of life endeavors including community livability and outdoor recreation, destination branding and image development, and creating community and organizational cultures that are a catalyst for change and growth.

Greg holds a Bachelors of Urban Design from the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning Summa Cum Laude. His Thesis: “The Culture Factor” Investigated how outdoor recreation can impact the culture of rust-belt communities.


Andy Williamson

Andy Williamson has based his career on seizing opportunities to better the communities he lives and works in by sharing his passion and commitment to conservation and outdoor recreation. 

From an early stint leading a Boy Scout camp to his role as IMBA’s Director of Programs, he has lived up to that commitment.

Notable projects:

  • Lead a dedicated team of outdoor recreation enthusiasts to transform Dayton, OH into an active vibrant outdoor community.

  • Co-founded the Miami Valley Cycling Summit and helped resurrect a Bike Miami Valley advocacy group.

  • Helped develop the strategic and operational plans for several annual large-scale outdoor events including The Adventure Summit and Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience.

In his role as IMBA’s Great Lakes Region Director, Andy touched the lives of thousands of mountain bikers and has engendered the development of hundreds of miles of trail, new bike parks and mountain bike initiatives throughout the middle of the U.S.

Andy holds a Bachelors of Science in Resource and Recreation and Tourism with a minor in Adventure Leadership from the University of Idaho and an Associate of Science in Eco-Tourism and Adventure Travel from Hocking College in Southeastern, Ohio.